Letting Go

Often I find myself holding onto people or things that don’t belong in my life anymore. I want to keep old friends or old clothes that no longer reflect who I am. I am doing myself a disservice if I preserve parts of my life that are no longer meant for me. Maybe they were at a time. There are friends that have helped me through some difficult obstacles in my life. Does that mean that I should always be friends with them? Or there are clothes that use to be my favorite thing to wear, but now my style has altered. Should I keep them just in case?

No, to both of those questions. If you hold onto everything you own and everyone that crosses your path you will end up fighting a battle within yourself. The you that is evolving needs change. The you that is transforming into someone more ambitious, loving, patient, or any other kind of characteristic you are interested in is itching to grow. Sometimes certain aspects of your life can be kept and you can still progress in life. However, it is necessary to let go when you know you should.

It can take time. Don’t expect yourself to be able to “get over it.” Don’t dwell on it either. It is important to note that better things, better people and better opportunities are coming. It may not seem that way in the moment, but the instant you allow yourself to let go is when you can begin becoming your most exceptional self.

Ecclesiastes 3:6

“…a time to search and a time to give up, a time to keep and a time to throw away…”


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