Life Online

After months of having my blog account private, I have finally decided to make it public (yay!). I think it will allow me to connect with other people (if other people visit my blog that is). I did have it public for a few weeks when I first started my blog. However, I wasn’t sure how much time I could commit and until I made more posts I didn’t want to make it public again. I was also skeptical about sharing so much about myself on an online platform.

Side Note & Further Explanation

I am not a big fan of social media. For example, I have Facebook and Snapchat but I refuse to have Instagram or Twitter. It took me awhile to commit to Snapchat. I deleted it three times before I was able to commit (sad but true). I have let the opinions of others rule my mind for way too long (or what I believed other people thought of me). In my defense, I was never a fan of how Twitter was laid out and so I wasn’t interested in investing time into it. I do give myself some credit because I did try out Instagram but I was in high school and I ended up comparing myself way too often to other people.

But, you know what I realized? Life online isn’t always glamorous and or posts don’t tell the whole story. People can make their online life reflect exactly what they want it to. & for me Instagram was a constant reminder of how I didn’t live up to this expectation or how I didn’t look like this girl or that girl. Okay, growing up as a chubby kid and working hard to keep off the weight is a struggle in itself. Not to mention the fact that looking at some Instagram models can be a reminder of where I wanted to be but wasn’t yet. Some people would call that inspiration, okay? Sorry, but that was not my take on it.

Yes, each of us has the ability to change our mindset. Yes, our happiness and perceptions on things are up to us to transform. With a changed mindset, I have learned to accept myself and what I do and don’t like. I am just not the kind of person who likes posting pictures often. I don’t like sharing much of my life. I do love seeing what my family and friends are up to so checking in on social media is a must for me to be able to keep up with people. Who knows maybe in a year or so I will give Instagram another shot and have the near to full ability to not care what people think.

On the plus side, I finally feel free from the pressure to post just to prove to people that I am doing things with my life (this has taken me years to come to terms with). I’ve realized, especially over these last few months that the times when you are really having fun you forget about your phone. There will be exciting moments where I will want to capture a photo for the sake of a memory but that in itself is the only reason I will take out my phone.

& I’m not saying social media is bad. It doesn’t make me better than anyone else for living my life free from posting all the time on social media. It just makes me a better version of myself & I’m happier because of it.

So, what does all of this have to do with blogging?

Social media gives people the ability to express themselves. I believe that blogging will supply me with the best online platform for expressing myself. Writing has always been an outlet for me to deal with heartache & pain. I hope that my writing will inspire someone or help them feel like they aren’t alone feeling a certain way.

Lesson Learned=Don’t feel obligated to do something because it is what everyone else is doing. Do what makes you happier and enjoy life the way you want to.


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