Fear as a Driving Force

Fear is experienced in every day life. Sometimes we may be scared to take on a new opportunity, talk to new people or to simply say no. Fear is instilled in every one of us. It is the fear of not being good enough in front of others that may makes us hide who we really are. It is the fear of failing or letting go that may make us stagnant through our life without ever truly growing or changing. We may miss chances or stay in a failed relationship out of fear. It is fear in every day life that makes some of us not live life fully. It is when we aren’t living life to the fullest that we often have regret later on.

However, fear is also what makes life so exciting and worth it. It is fear that allows each of us to learn more about ourselves and lead us to our life destinations. It is fear that can help bring us to where we are suppose to be. Fear can be discouraging but it is also uplifting. Because once you are able to get past what you are afraid of, nothing can stop you.


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