Happiness In Your Career Matters

Money Won’t Complete You

I remember reading a statistic that states after a certain amount of money your level of happiness doesn’t go up. It wasn’t $100,000 either. It was just around 50,000 dollars. After that, our joy of raises or making more money is only short lived. Money matters the most to people when we want it to be able to cover all of the utilities, bills and other types of life necessities. I mean yes, money can buy all sorts of “happiness.” More money usually gives us the ability to buy nicer things and go on better vacations. But, for most people constantly spending money is only a means of filling some sort of void. Money doesn’t make you who you are and it doesn’t make you superior to someone else. It can make you be able to buy things how you please. And that in itself is not the best way to live.

Career Change

I remember when I first picked nursing as a career I wanted to pursue. It was a career that offered growth, opportunity and I would be able to make good money doing it. Aside from those main bullet points I wanted to help people which is still my deepest desire in life. But, I didn’t pick this career for the right reasons or because it was a career I thought fit me best. I picked it because it was there and ready for the chasing. It was a dream I chased in high school and started chasing my way through college. It wasn’t until I got into nursing school and did some soul searching did I find myself not able to wrap my heart around this as my passion. It was when I  sat in an orientation seminar for nursing school that I found myself lost. I was lost somewhere that was suppose to pull me closer to myself.

This was a turning point for me. I was finally able to admit to myself that this wasn’t what I wanted. & then I was able to catch sight of something that maybe was. I started down a path to look into occupational therapy. I went back to finish my bachelor’s and I wanted to learn more about this career. & guess what? It offered more money & more growth than nursing. It made me feel like this was what I was looking for.

Why I Picked Wrong Again

The careers I was choosing wasn’t based on who I was. It was based on what I thought I wanted. I thought I wanted a career that offered a good starting salary and the opportunity to advance in my education so that I could become more successful. But, these careers aren’t what I am destined to do because they aren’t careers that align with my strengths as a person. My inner soul would never be truly satisfied by these careers because they aren’t what would bring me closer to my true authentic self.

What Completes Me

My heart hurts for the girl I use to be. The woman I was trying to convince myself that I was. I feel sorry for her but she isn’t me anymore. I am not someone who will easily give up or stop trying when things get tough. That isn’t why I have changed my mind. It is because God is guiding me towards something far better than I would’ve imagined for myself. & I feel like I have fought back from letting it in for a long time. I knew I needed to focus in on what my strengths are as a person and how those can align with what I’m not only gifted at but what I would love to do.

I know that helping people through their difficult moments and coaching them to the right solution is something I have always done with my friends, family and even in my other work environments. It is that moment that someone is able to have clarity in their life and use my advice to their advantage that fills me with purpose. So, I have set out to apply for graduate school to become a counselor. Going to a counselor myself solidified that it was what I need to do. It is when I step out of a coaching session with my counselor and I am able to come closer to healing and learning more about myself that I feel utterly relieved. It is something that has brought me to a better place and it is what I want to become in order to provide that for someone else.

I believe that sometimes it takes failure or even going down a wrong path (maybe a few) to bring you right where you need to be. After graduate school, I see big things for myself. I see myself opening up my own practice, getting certified in grief counseling and maybe getting a PhD and writing a book.  I know that I may change my mind on exactly what I want to do. However, I will still feel accomplished no matter what because this is the right path for me. I feel as if the universe and God are directing me towards a new kind a life. Not everything in my life will be easy. It will be challenging and I will have to work hard to achieve what I want. But, at least it will be a life that will provide me with happiness. & happiness is definitely something worth living for and striving towards.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never work a day in your life.”



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